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Jeff Griffith has been composing and performing since the age of five. Performing in coffee houses in upstate New York in the early 70’s, reaffirmed his passion for music and the environment offered a free-spirited atmosphere and the encouragement needed to compliment his classical training. His passion for music led to the completion of his first symphony by the age of 9, appointment to Choir and Folk Group Director at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at the age of 11 and producing a television spot for the Ronald Reagan 1980 election campaign.

After completing his degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell studying composition, guitar and voice with the likes of Nector Lennox, Anton Holevas, Jon Wheatley, Everett Longstreth, Nat Paella, Dr. Gerry Lloyd and Paul Gay; Jeff decided to venture into the theater and music production world to develop more skills in order to help promote his music. Serving as Technical Director at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Project Manager for High Output, Inc. and the industry’s leading rigging manufacturer JR Clancy, Inc., no aspect of production was untouched.

Feeling the need to return to his music full time, Jeff left the production and project management side of the industry to devote his life fully to his art. Currently serving on the faculty for The Wheeler School Performing Arts Department (Providence, RI) as well as maintaining a busy freelance, composing, producing and side musician schedule.

A proud member and president of IATSE Local 195, and an active member of AFM Local 9-535, Jeff can currently be seen performing with the Rick Larrimore the “Ultimate” tribute to Rod Stewart band, Another Tequila Sunrise the Eagles Tribute Band and 2nd Chance.


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Equipment used by Jeff Griffith

Equipment Used by Jeff Griffith:

Recording Equipment
Side Musician Gear

Jeff performs, composes, records and arranges all styles of music using the following equipment:

AVID ProTools HD v8.0.4
Digidesign ProTools LE v8.0.4 (for remote/onsite work)
Mackie HDR 24/96
AVID 192 I/O w/additional 192-AD card
Tascam M-2600 MkII Recording Console
Yamaha O1V (for remote/onsite work)
Digidesign PRE Preamplifier
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Preamplifier
Software: Sony Vegas 5.0 for Video editing w/oodles of plug-in added on for video effects
DVD Architect 2.0
Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer for Sequencing
East West Platinum Professional XP w/Kompakt
Drum Kit from Hell Superior
Drum Kit from Hell Superior Custom & Vintage |
Superior 2.0
Propellerhead Reason Live Lite 4 (Digidesign Version)
IK Multimedia Reason SampleTank
Finale 2009
Sibelius 5
Digidesign TDM plug-in package
Digidesign RTAS plug-in package
Waves 7.0 Platinum
Waves 8.0 SSL Bundle

Kurzweil K2000 V3
Kurzweil PC88mx
Kurzweil Micropiano
Nord Stage 2
Roland Super JV1080 w/ orch card
East-West Bosendorfer 290 (software)
Native Instruments Steinway B (software)

1978 Takamine Acoustic 6 String
1986 Takamine Acoustic 6 String
1985 Takamine Classical 6 String
1980 Yamaha Acoustic 12-String (borrowed from Annette Fagnant)
1983 Schecter Custom Built Fender Electric
1957 Gibson ES225
1997 Gibson ES175
1997 Gibson Lucille
1974 Gibson L6
1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
2000 Gibson EDS1275 Double Neck
2001 Ibanez S Series 7-string
1999 Fender Deluxe American Strat
2001 Fender Standard American Strat
2001 Fender American Tele
2009 Line 6 Variax 700
2013 Line 6 Variax JVT-59
1972 Deckley D12 Pedal Steel
2003 Ibanez GSR200 Bass

Side Musician Gear:
1874 Vuillame Violin
1908 Gibson A1 Mandolin
2006 Morgan Monroe Mandolin
2002 Washburn 5-String Banjo
1988 Bach Stradivarius Trumpet
1983 Yamaha Trumpet
1978 Olds Trombone

1978 Music Man RD112
1979 Music Man RD112
1967 Fender Twin
2005 Line 6 PODxt Pro w/FX and Bass Packages

Neumann U87 Ai
AKG C3000B
AKG C1000s
Shure SM81s
Shure SM94s
Shure SM58s
Shure SM57s
Shure Beta 57s
Shure Beta 56s
Electro-Voice N/D 308A
Electro-Voice RE20
Electro-Voice PL10
Coles 4038 (Matched Pair)

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